Monday, May 26, 2008

cegah satwa punah - World s Best Beaches

The Astwood Cove is another beach region which is bordered by tall cliffs and beaches with numerous water sports and bewitching flora and fauna. Apart from the beach amusement the island offers delectable sea food and a peculiar...
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  1. Got Herb?
    Since I have no job or vacation to occupy my vast resource of time before my classes start back up again in 2 weeks I documented my back yard fauna for your enjoyment. This is what grows in my yard. It's not that exciting but I am willing to share hosta chunks with anyone in the fall who is willing...
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  2. Ahtopol
    Its mild climate untouched flora and fauna and deserted beaches attract tourists around the whole year. Ahtopol is situated 87 km south east of Burgas and 477 km south east of Sofia. To get more information on Ahtopol and surrounding...
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  3. Levitated Design Code
    This website is fantastic. I had fun chasing the bubbles around for a while xD. I really like the aesthetics of their artwork and find it even more interesting to know that they have been generated from programs. Levitated Design Code The idea of generating evolutionary processes to create wonderous flora and fauna is great. It has scientific use and is artistically pleasing....
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  4. Vacationing among palm trees
    Lucia has so much to offer in flora fauna and color. Romance is easily felt among it s varied sites. From waterfalls to volcanoes to turquoise surf. Below these waters is also an array of colors that is only challenged by the land...
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  5. Big squid caught in Australia
    Big squid caught in Australia Category Cephalopods The Aussies love to brag about their exotic fauna so I probably shouldn't inflate their egos further but they've done it again they've netted another ginormous squid. This one is about 6 meters long and 230 kg. They always look so flabby and pathetic when they're shown flopped down dead on a boat's deck don't they? It's like having human funeral viewings where they soak the body in a lake somewhere for a week it's neither pretty nor...
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  6. Creature Feature
    Here is some of the native fauna of McKinney. This guy lives in a wetlands area at the Heard Nature Area. Doesn't it look as if the tide has gone out and he was left stuck on that log? The Heard Nature area is just southeast of town. It is a wonderful hiking area. If you like the outdoors I would re...
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  7. Fauna 39 s Greater Purpose Defined
    fauna Check out that runner! Cass Ouch. He looks like the guy we saw last week. fauna No the guy last week was running on the outside of his foot remember? The bottom of his foot didn t even hit the ground just the side of it....
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