Sunday, May 25, 2008

cegah satwa punah - Geodaten Sabah

In unserer Datenbank halten wir f r Sie ber 6 Kuala penyu Sabah Kunak Sabah Labuk and Sugut Sabah Lahad Datu Sabah Software Computer Drucker Netzwerk Handy PDA MP3 Video Foto Gaming...
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  1. Guess Who I Met Online
    Wah these few days have been interesting to me why? because last week my friend was blog hopping and she found the word tatana in that blog. She asked me isn t tatana is a language in Kuala penyu? Do you know her ? she asked i immediately went to see the blog that interest her mmm not really.. but interesting.. i need to check it out. I found out that her name is Luthie staying in Germany. Got in touched with her through CBox and indeed she is from Kuala penyu and she know my sir name H...
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  2. Pink
    What's important on my agenda this week? Exams Of course not like duh! Teacher's Day You are so wrong. tsk tsk. Well what can you think about when you see my post title? It says "pink". clears throat Who's that PINK founder of Hamology ? PINK PUNCHERYFIC LA! Woman happy birthday yea. A very COOL friend I must say. Oh and your birthday present post ah all the LG stuffssss. Mah you get what I mean ? P Anyways I'm still your Jennifer the Connifer aka penyu. Rock...
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  3. They re not frogs Ghani
    Kota Kinabalu Kuala Lumpur will be making a grave mistake to brand Sabah Barisan Nasional BN leaders frogs just because they are demanding what Malaysians in the State had been asking for all this while said veteran politician Datuk John Ghani Friday. The former Independent Assemblyman for Kuala penyu said recent developments where MPs and political...
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  4. Malaysia's Petronas awards oil exploration blocks to Swedish led
    Lundin Malaysia BV will have a 35 percent share of Block PM308A located in the penyu IHT Mobile RSS AudioNews PDA Smartphones Netvibes IHT Electronic Edition E Mail Alerts...
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  5. back to KK may 2nd 15th 2008
    2nd chonk came to pick me up 3rd went to kundasang with chonk and tammy dinner with dad in little itally. 4th pulau manukan with chonk and tammy yayasan sabah add jenpoh. 5th sttss with jenpoh beufort and kuala penyu add chonk and tammy. 6th pu toh shi with jenpoh after that decided to go down to beuofort and kuala penyu to finish the shots and it was nicely done. dinner with dad and mr kong tea with ian in tanjungaru. 7th ttss with xiao mao lilian vector elvina them. siew li's s...
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  6. voting!
    anugerah lelaki paling menonjol 2008 calon aideel readzalk hazriq jalal wong anugerah perempuan paling menonjol 2008 calon mira fatin fuzzy zahara anugerah kuat touching calon readzalk fuzzy ayam aideel anugerah diva popular calon diva aideel fuzzy sue anugerah gossip hebat calon aideel fuzzy aideel mira ayam ikhnul visha wong anugerah cinta x kesampaian calon aideel mira fatin penyu aideel zalika anugerah personaliti berbeza calon fatin...
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  7. a little peace
    sweetest moment in my life.. especially when i celebrated my 21st bday wif hubby at east coast beach wif Yanti and Mail penyu.. ive got my first gift from hubby.. a 916 love pendant.. and it was d last since we got married p....
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  8. Penyu
    Winda 2008 2 7 rujakcuke 2007 11 13 mangde 2007 9 27 man gede 2007 9 26 korniawan 2007 9 26 giyok 2007 9 21 kwinix 2007 9 21 penyu 2007 9 21 madepb 2007 9 21. Siri blogs photos videos and more on technorati region kuala penyu to kudat northern and some eastern areas west coast of sabah alternate names land bajaw west coast bajao dialects kota belud kawang putatan papar banggi. Investigasi profauna perdagangan penyu di pesisir selatan jawa you tau tak ini orang m...
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